5 Of the Best Tourist Destinations in Sri Lanka

5 Of the Best Tourist Destinations in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a place of wonder and natural beauty. The coast of this Island is characterized breathtaking, landscapes and,stunning panoramas of coconut palms. Sri Lanka’s architecture on its part is rooted in deep history dating back to colonial times. The local festivities are also a thing to die for, the pomp color and the ecstasy in the air is infectious. If you are looking to vacation in a tropical paradise, this Indian destination should be your top pick.

These 5 places are must have in your Sri Lanka tour bucket list.

  1. Bentota:Bentota is a buzz of activities on the south coast of Sri Lanka.This is the best spot to indulge in the pristine sandy beaches, and a ton of water spots.Bentota has a relaxing atmosphere characterized by clear blue skies and swaying coconut trees. Here you can sip fresh coconut water, sunbathe or dive in for a dose of Vitamin Sea. This coastal town is dotted with state if the art resorts, hotels and sports facilities.
  2. Sigiriya: It is also known as the mount of resemblance. It is a gigantic rock formation that rises out of a flat topography to tower over everything else in vicinity. Brace yourself for a steep climb, but once you get up there you will find out that it was worth it.From the top of this world heritage site you will get a unique view of the greenery landscape below, far and wide.
  3. Yala National Park: Situated just a few kilometers from the capital Colombo, Yala has everything to constitute a magical safari. Elephants, buffalo and leopards rule the jungle while close to 500 bird species watch over the skies. The rock temple of Sithulpawwa is situated within this park. The temple is a splendid time ship to the ancient reign of “King Kawanthissa”.1200 used to live in here and during your visit you might spot archeological statues and fragments of cave paintings.
  4. Kandy: It suffices to mention that Kandy was the last capital of the Sri Lankan Kings. A drive from Colombo to Kandy will take you through scenic plantations of tea and rubber .Then there is the ancient Temple of the Tooth Relic once you get to this city. This temple houses a tooth of the Buddha. This tooth is believed to be the most sacred Buddhist item of worship. Surrounding the temple are a horde of shrines and museums that will top up your wanderlust experience.
  5. Nuwara Eliya: Misty clouds hover above lush green tea plantations on sloping mountains. This is a picture perfect city decorated with the Hakgala Botanical Gardens, Hindu shrines and the Galways Land National Park.If your Sri Lanka trip brings you here treat yourself to the town’s old heritage, seep some green tea or spend the night in a colonial era hotel.

Sri Lanka never disappoints, it has no shortage of breathtaking spots of cultural, historical, artistic and natural significance. These spots will stir up the wander lust in you. Remember to pack your camera and a pair of binoculars.


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