Holidaying In Sri Lanka for the First Time?

Holidaying In Sri Lanka for the First Time?

Here’s Everything You Need to Know

It has been called the lost paradise, the jewel in the ocean, and many more enticing names. But why is Sri Lanka such a favored tourist destination, what is it that makes this island nation so popular? Well, there are a thousand and one reasons why Sri Lanka is unlike any other destination. It’s a cool, peaceful country with wonderful people, beautiful and scenic beaches, breathtaking mountains and wildlife, to mention but a few. If you are visiting the country for the first time or are planning to, there are a few things you need to familiarize yourself with;

Capital City

The capital city of Sri Lanka is Colombo. The city is as modern as can be, with many international hotel chains and businesses operating. Here, visitors have hundreds of eateries dotting the city, shopping malls and movie halls, and many other recreational facilities. It is not uncommon to come across foreigners walking the streets of Colombo freely. The security is 100% top notch and tourists are always embraced warmly by one and all.


The main currency used in Sri Lanka is known as the Sri Lankan Rupee. Although a few businesses do accept Dollars and Pounds, visitors are always advised to convert their currencies when they arrive for ease of transacting. There are many Forex bureaus where foreign currencies are exchanged some hotels you’ll be living in will also help you convert your cash into local currencies.

Local language

The most widely spoken language in Sri Lanka is known as Sinhala, followed by Tamil.  English is the third mostly spoken language especially in Hotels, and the larger hospitality industry. Even in the streets, most Sri Lankans will easily switch to English once they realize that you are a foreigner. Here’s no harm in learning a word or two of the local languages spoken here!

Best time to visit Sri Lanka

Really, the best time to visit Sri Lanka is anytime! There’s always something fun and thrilling to do all year round. But if you’re looking for maximum fun, then the best times to come over would be around July to August, and November to March. The weather is friendlier during this time and one would never get inconvenienced by the heavy rains that pound this fertile, scenic country.

Local culture 

The local culture of most Sri Lankans is one that is welcoming to visitors from all walks of life. Forget about some Muslim nations that dictate on how women should wear in the streets or in the beach. In Sri Lanka, you can soak in the sun in the beach in a Bikini without the slightest worry. Even on the streets, young ladies dressed in western style outfits are a common feature. As a visitor, you just need to display a modicum of respect to the locals and their way of life; they’ll respect yours too!

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