How To Identify The Best Job Website In Sri Lanka

How To Identify The Best Job Website In Sri Lanka

There are many job sites in Sri Lanka that potential employers and job seekers can rely upon. However, not all of these sites are advised to use, considering that most of them don’t get regularly updated. As an employer looking for the best site to post a job advert in Sri Lanka, there are things you should always look out for if you are looking to get the right people to fill in positions your organization has.

There are things you must always look out for, in order to identify the best job site in Sri Lanka;

  1. Easy to navigate through; a good job site to post your vacancy or advert should be easy to navigate, both for you, and job seeker. In other words, the layout of the site has to be simple and attractive. The latest job postings should appear in one column, in a way that one who has been following the site will instantly notice.
  2. CV database; nowadays, job sites are encouraging job seekers to post their CVs online and as an employer, it is easier to post your vacancy on such a site. The good thing is that with such sites, you can browse and peruse the numerous CVs posted by candidates, and shortlist those that you feel can fill in the position.
  3. Free Trial; while free things can be expensive, always request a free trial of the site, so that you are able to gauge and evaluate its efficiency as a tool to help you recruit. Most reputable job sites will give employers a free trial of one month or even 3 months, during which time one will enjoy free postings, and access the CV database.
  4. Clear Categories; when looking for the ideal site to place your postings and vacancies, pay much attention to the arrangement and settings of the job categories. A good site ought to have all job categories arranged neatly so that one can scroll down the jobs they are interested in. Finance-related jobs, mechanical jobs, sales, health, sports, NGOs; each should have its own category and column for ease of navigating through.

Referrals; it makes much sense to do a bit of research, and find out what others have to say about a certain job site before you rush to post there. What is the reputation of the site? Has it helped many job seekers get the jobs they desired or helped employers find the perfect candidates for vacancies they had? Some of the most popular and reputable sites in Sri Lanka.

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