Most Important Things to Do In Sigiriya during Your Travel to Sri Lanka

Most Important Things to Do In Sigiriya during Your Travel to Sri Lanka

Popular for its eye catching archaeological ruins, Sigiriya is located in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. There are several things one can do when you visit Sigiriya in Sri Lanka which range from historical sites, cultural attractions, to exploring local attractions within the region. In Sigiriya one ought to come across breath taking historical monuments, natural attraction sites and various adventurous and entertaining activities to do. Here are the best recommended attractions that you should ensure you visit when you are in Sigiriya.

 Visit the Sigiriya Fortress

Having been declared a World Heritage Site, Sigiriya Fortress has become a very popular tourist stop. It is considered by some as the 8th Wonder of the world which has made it a popular tourist site, one of the most iconic marvels of Sri Lanka. The Sigiriya Fortress was designed by the famous “King Kasyapa’’ which mainly served mainly as his capital. Even though today the Sigiriya fortress is in ruins, it still boasts magnificent moats, gardens, palaces and a gigantic replica of lion which is in ruins, the claws and paw as the only thing left of it which served as the core entrance. The Sigiriya fortress will leave you breathless, a true sight for sore eyes.

 Citadel of Sigiriya- Lion Rock 

A big wonderful rock, nearly 200 meters high with a lion-like structure. The sculpture served as an entrance point where people had to pass through the jaws of the lion sculpture to enter the city. Unfortunately, the only thing that’s left of it is its ruins and the huge paws of lion sculpture. It has the lion staircases which start from the lions paws, through the lion’s mouth up to the throat. You will be able to get a glamorous view of the whole land upon reaching the ruins. It also contains one of the world’s oldest graffiti on its polished surfaces. It is a jaw dropping sight that you will beg to visit.

  Sigiriya frescoes

The Sigiriya paintings are found on about the halfway height of the Sigiriya Western rock face, or about 100 meters from the base of the rock. There are around 21 painting in this area and it is believed to be the Fresco-Lustro method used for these paintings. All these paintings are of young and old female figures and there are no two similar figures among them. These figures are popularly called as “Sigiri Apsara”or Sigiri Damsels.

The Sigiriya Museum

Located near Sigiriya fortress, the Museum contains artifacts and displays that are a rich source of the Sigiriya culture. It contains the recreation of the frescoes and a model of the Sigiriya fortress. Inside you will be able to learn a lot about Sigiriya in order to blend with the place and its people.

 The Mirror Wall

Your journey is not complete without visiting the Mirror Wall, an orange hued, flat slab, which was highly polished to perfection so that the King could see his reflection. Visitors have been writing verses on the wall since the 8thcentury, though now this has been banned to preserve old writings. 

The Dambulla Temple 

Located 30 minutes from Sigiriya is another World Heritage Site, Dambulla Temple, also known as the Golden temple. It contains paintings and sculptures and over 150 statutes in its five main caves and a golden temple. It is the biggest and well preserved cave temple complex in Sri Lanka. To reach the temple you have climb stairs. It is unquestionably a perfect destination for tourists

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