Sri Lanka Amazing Wildlife and the Top National Parks to Visit

Sri Lanka Amazing Wildlife and the Top National Parks to Visit

Exotic beaches, beautiful sceneries, amazing wildlife, favorable temperatures, if you are a fanatic of these, then there’s only one place to be, Sri Lanka. In simple terms, it’s the Paradise Island, priceless, one of the best of Mother Nature. The national parks and the wildlife there, just breathtaking, and will leave you begging for more. Sri Lanka is the perfect place for wildlife lovers, flawless and mouthwatering as some may say. It is actually one of the finest places in Asia where the finest of wildlife are found. Recently there has been a high influx of tourists to the Paradise Island, a wildlife hotspot indeed. There are many travel and tour agencies that are ready to arrange the safaris with safari jeeps to any part of the Paradise Island. The wild rides into the park are very enjoyable.

 Sri Lanka’s Amazing Wildlife

Sri Lanka boasts a wide variety of species of wildlife. The major wildlife that are found in the Paradise Island include the following;

  • Elephants
  • Leopards
  • Majestic Peacocks
  • Crocodiles
  • Snakes
  • Birds
  • Sloth bears

 The Top National Parks That You Must Visit In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka boasts countless national parks and some of the ones that you must visit when you happen to be in the Paradise Island are as follows;

Yala West (Ruhuna) National Park: It is best known for hosting leopards, around 30 of them .It is located in the south-east of Sri Lanka. It is the main national park in Sri Lanka, and its best suited for mammals in Asia. Other animals that you might spot in the national park include sloth bears, sambar, spotted deer, wild pig, buffalo, mongooses, monkey and jackals.

Uda Walawe National Park: It is best known for wild elephants, about 500 of them. It was established to protect the watershed of Uda Walawe Reservoir. Birds are also common there, especially the raptor species such as the serpent eagles

Wasgomuwa National Park: Best known for elephants. It is located in the dry lowlands of North Central province. Other animals commonly found in the region are bears and leopards.

Sinharaja Rain-forest Reserve: Best known for mixed flocks of birds such as the Sri Lankan blue magpie and red faced malkoha. It is situated in South-west of the Island. It is characterized with dense rain-forests.

Wilpattu National Park: Best known for hosting sloth bears. It is the Sri Lanka’s biggest park located north-west of the Island

Minneriya and Kaudulla National Parks:Best known for elephants and little cormorants. These two parks, located within 30 minutes distance, are situated in the North Central Province.

Horton Plains National Park: Best known for vast species of birds. It is located in the Central highlands.


Sri Lanka’s national parks are magnificent and you should not miss out on the great experience of touring them. The captivating warm exotic beaches will leave you relaxed and refreshed and the beautiful hotels. You will not regret visiting the Paradise Island.

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