Sri Lanka Travel Guide: Tips to Make Your Trip More Memorable

Sri Lanka Travel Guide: Tips to Make Your Trip More Memorable

Sri Lanka is a beautiful destination packed with pleasant surprises. Natural breathtaking sceneries, vibrant culture, old architecture and world heritage sites are some of the things that will make you wish you could stay here forever. However there are a few things you ought to know before your visit. This list takes care of any unpleasant surprises that might be waiting for you, giving you a way around them.

Stick to local Sri Lankan food. It is delicious and affordable. Should you try to look for western cuisine in Colombo and other cities, all you will find is a plate of overpriced mediocre cooking. Rice fish and coconut constitute typical Sri Lankan food. Before you dip into the numerous available tastes, however, it’s best to know that the food here is seriously spiced. Top of dishes to try include a plate of rice and curry, cheese kottu, deviled sweet and sour fish curry, and Beetroot curry among others.

Don’t spend all of your time on the beach: Although it is true that the beaches here are pristine and stunning, the mountainous country side, forests and world heritage sites are fantastic places to visit too. Top attractions include Sigriya, Yala National Park and Kandy. Kandy is most famous for the Temple of the Tooth Relic that draws pilgrims and tourists from all corners of the world.

Take the train: When travelling within the Island you are better off taking the train, other methods are either expensive or less comfortable.This gives you the chance to drink in the spectacular views of tea plantations, mountain ranges and forests among other attractions. Train rides are full of ‘instagrammable’ moments.

Focus on relaxation: Sri Lanka doesn’t have much of a night life; trips are focused on relaxation, nature and adventure. However Colombo is packed with a few bars and jazz clubs where you can get a drink of your choice. Nevertheless you should know that alcoholic drinks are expensive in Sri Lanka. Seasonal parties go on at around Hikkaduwa beach but they are nothing to boast about.

Beware of scammers: Sri Lanka is an affordable destination and you stand to enjoy the best exchange rates. It’s important to note, however,that prices have been steadily rising over the years and most services anditems now cot double of what they used to. Beware of scammers, for instance TukTuk riders may want to charge you five times the genuine price. Get around by train, and for purchases, head to the supermarkets to avoid such extortionists.

Sri Lanka is a budget friendly destination, and the locals are a friendly bunch too. It is easy to get around and with a few the above tips you stand to get the most out of your trip. During your trip you can visit some of the historical sites, try out some of the food, and take a dip at some of the pristine beaches, but remember that there also wildlife parks to visit and mountains to hike. Most Sri Lankans speak English, so you can expect a seamless vacation experience.

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