City Cab

City Cab

Transport around Sri Lanka as a first time traveler can be confusing as there are many travelling options to choose from. Buses, taxis, three wheelers, trains, city cabs and min cabs are usually the most common transport modes you will come across in Sri Lanka and each of these travel option presents its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. City cabs for instance, are one of the premium option if you value travel comfort, flexibly and efficiency. Here are a couple of tabs to keep in mind when picking out a city cab:


Booking Process

Booking your cab service should be an easy process as most city cab companies provide email, phone and online booking options for their customers. What you should be careful about is to ensure that your choose a cab service provider whose booking process is time conscious. This will avoid straining your travel experience. The goodness is that if you have just jetted in, your travel airlines can help you with this as they usually do pick up and drop off cab services. They also know the best city cab hire services if you want to take a trip around the main Sri Lanka cities.

Travel Rates

The amount that you are willing to spend on a city cab will determine the kind overall service and travel experience you will get. Cab service charges in Sri Lanka cities differ in that there are premium cab services as well as budget services. If you are budget strained then picking out a budget service is the best options as they are cheap. Premium services on the other hand are known for have superior customer service and can be a bit costly.

Expertise and Experience

Every city cab in Sri Lanka is known for its diverse expertise. Therefore, hire a cab company that has more experience and expertise if you are keen on a reliable travel experience. That is because such companies are customer-focused with additional amenities such as: GPs System, fully trained and qualified drivers, and pre-metered rates.

Experience is also important when picking out your city cab. In Sri Lanka, Kangaroo Cabs are the most experienced having started their operations in 1988.  Cab service providers such as Dharana and Ace started out in the year 2000 and 2005 respectively


It’s good to choose a cab that is closer to your reach than one that is far. This will save you time and at other times money.


Exploring the cities of Sri Lanka can be fun and budget-friendly as long as you research well on the best city cab service at your disposal.

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