Top 5 Jobs In Sri Lanka That You Can Apply For Online

Top 5 Jobs In Sri Lanka That You Can Apply For Online

Sri Lanka boasts of an ever-growing middle class, educated, tech-savvy, and very exposed to the global world. For employers in the country looking to fill up vacant positions in their organizations, the internet has become the new hunting ground. The average Sri Lankan job seeker either has a laptop or Smartphone or any other handheld gadget to help them access the internet. Even multinational companies with positions to be filled locally or internationally turn to the internet to hire the best for the job.

So, which are the top jobs in Sri Lanka at the moment, which can be applied online?

  1. IT/Computer/ Software; the country is experiencing an IT boom that has not been witnessed before. Web developers and designers, app developers, all are in great demand around the country as businesses seek to gain an online presence. If you are looking for any IT services, or IT technicians to employ, then you’ll find a thriving online industry in Sri Lanka.
  2. Hospitality/ Hotels/ Lodging; this is another thriving industry in Sri Lanka, with multinational hotel chains popping up all over Colombo. Chefs, waiters, waitresses, porters; are some of the most sought-after positions in the hospitality industry. Most of the applications are done by recruiting agencies, on behalf of the international hotels.
  3. Online jobs; it’s also easy to land yourself a marketing job in Sri Lanka. In this day and age of digital marketing, SEO writing, affiliate marketing, data entry, and such, there are many online vacancies. The beauty of online jobs is that you can work from home, or from the confines of your hostel.
  4. Government jobs; you can also land yourself a government job in Sri Lanka, most of which are advertised and posted online. There are many advantages of working for the government; they include job security, better remunerations, official leaves and off days, etc. All that you’ll need to do is to send in your CV and academic testimonials online. Government jobs are some of the best-paying jobs in the country. You can subscribe to your favorite job site so that you get updates and notifications each time a government job has been posted.
  5. Accounting/ Finance; accounting and fiancé jobs, even banking jobs are also popular and well paying. As long as you have the qualifications, there are many online vacancies of companies looking for accountants; some of these companies are local, while others are multinational. The numerous shopping malls, hotels, banking institutions, all are frequently looking for cashiers, auditors, finance managers, etc. Accountants are some of the best-paid professionals around.

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