Why Sri Lanka Is the Ideal Holiday Destination

Why Sri Lanka Is the Ideal Holiday Destination

What makes a holiday destination popular? Good beaches? Wild animals? Affordability? Good security? Well, the simple answer is that for a destination to be termed as a top holiday destination, it must meet all of the above criteria.

Sri Lanka is one of the few countries in the world that have managed to attract a steady stream of tourists and holiday makers over the years.  Most holiday makers who visit this island nation for the first time always fall in love with it and end up becoming regular visitors. The white sandy beaches are as addictive as the local cuisines, or the friendliness of the people.

There are endless activities and things to do while holidaying in Sri Lanka. So much so that you’re unlikely to explore all in a week or even a month. The beaches are one of a kind, white and sandy with clear, blue waters. There are also high mountains that are carpeted with green vegetation and forests. Crown it all with the evening Sun setting in the horizon. Not to forget the numerous species of animals that roam the forests and wetlands.

  1. Another thing worth noting about Sri Lanka is that everything is really pocket friendly. Most visitors are pleased to note that they can indulge in various activities like surfing, diving with whales, riding on elephants, without costing you an arm and a leg. Eating out in any of the local or international restaurants in Colombo is also much affordable compared to other places. Hiring a driver to take you around the city will also leave little if any dents on your pocket. Generally, Sri Lanka offers unique and memorable experiences for holiday makers at budget rates.
  2. Sri Lanka tour packages are comprehensive and irresistible. Most contain of an itinerary that ensures that you get a taste of almost everything the country has to offer. Often, the itineraries comprise of stop overs in major wildlife parks, tour attractions, cruise ship trips, surfing and diving, to mention but a few. Such may take 2 weeks or 3 weeks depending on what your budget allows. By the time your holiday is over, you’ll have sampled so much that it’s hard not to want to come again in the near future to experience the same.
  3. Sri Lanka values tourism as a vital source of income and as such, the hospitality industry is well developed. There’s little interference from the authorities as is common in some Gulf destinations. Security is thus tight both within and without; statistically speaking, you’re safer holidaying in Sri Lanka than you would in Bali, Barcelona, Alexandria, for instance. No religious fanatism, no harassment from the authorities, and rare incidents of mugging on tourists.

Sri Lanka is a popular holiday destination for many celebrities, sports people and ordinary families looking for a quiet and serene place to bond. There’s always something for everyone regardless of their age. Some hotels have specially designed cottages to accommodate families; others have exclusive ones for couples on honeymoon.  Try beautiful Sri Lanka today.


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