Why the Temple of the Tooth Is a Must Visit

Why the Temple of the Tooth Is a Must Visit

The city of Kandy oozes peace and tranquility. Veiled in tropical natural beauty, Kandy is the home of Buddhist faith in Sri Lanka. This city is associated with royalty, and today it is a well-known world heritage site. The most significant attraction here is the Temple of the Tooth. The Temple of the Tooth is the centerpiece of Buddhist faith in Sri Lanka. This place is a nonstop buzz of activities with worshipers and tourists. There is a complex of smaller temples and shrines, but the tooth of the Buddha is housed in the main temple. This Buddha’s tooth is the most scared item of worship in Buddhist faith, and a simple of power and authority. 

This Temple should be top of your ‘to do’ list in Sri Lanka because of the following reasons:

Ancient Culture: According to legend, the tooth relic is a tooth from the Buddha himself. It is a significant piece, together with other tooth relics, as his remains were cremated when he died in 543 BC. It is common belief that whoever possesses this tooth relic is bestowed with powers to rule over the land. This relic is now the representation of the living Buddha and is housed and protected at the temple, where pilgrims bring their offerings in honor and reverence.

Amazing architecture: The building stands in magnificent beauty, defiant of age. The red roofs and marble stone walls can be seen from a long distance. The complex of shrines and museums feature marble artistry. The interior is superbly painted with ivory and lacquer. Carved openings on the walls are used to hold candles and oil lamps during festivals. The world Buddhism museum outside the temple is packed with everything that you need to know about Buddhism.

An open place of worship:All are welcome inside the temple. You are even allowed to take photographs. It is a breathtaking affair; white robbed pilgrims meditating quietly with beautiful flowers to honor the tooth. The tooth relic itself is housed in 7 golden caskets. It is a worthwhile experience to try and catch a glimpse of this most ancient religious artifact.

Dazzling festivals: The Temple of the Tooth features the most flamboyant celebration known as the EslaPeraha. If you are lucky to catch this celebration-around August, you will be treated to a colorful pageant of musicians, drummers, acrobats, fire dancers and elephant rides around Kandy. EslaPeraha is a matter of Sri Lankan Heritage and during this time even Christians and Hindus participate in the celebrations that end at the temple.

A sacred Buddhist site:Light a candle or buy flowers outside and take part in the rituals. They say that to understand Buddhism you should try and practice Buddhism. This is a chance for you to realize the enlightenment that is so much spoken of;a chance to separate yourself from your ego. There in the company of other worshipers and tourists you will get to experience an enriching and true Sri Lankan culture.

Sri Lanka is a Buddhist community. Your Sri Lankan tour will be incomplete without a visit to the Temple of the Tooth. It is here that you will get a broader perspective of the history and culture of this gem in the Indian Ocean.

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