Looking For The Best Job Site In Sri Lanka; Tips For Employers

Looking For The Best Job Site In Sri Lanka; Tips For Employers

As an employer looking for the best candidate to fill in a job vacancy, things may not always be easy and straightforward. You’ll be bombarded with numerous job sites, each claiming to be the best in Sri Lanka. But how do you really know which is which from them all

There are several reasons why you should consider posting your job vacancies with us;

  1. Well connected; our site is well connected, with employers and job seekers from all the major cities around Sri Lanka. Colombo, Dehiwala, Kandy, Wattala, Gampaha, Katunayake; you can always rest assured that your job posting will reach the right candidates, regardless of where they are located within the country.
  2. Search by category; we have a vibrant website that allows job seekers to search for the latest jobs in specific categories. This helps them find your vacancy faster, and respond to it right away. Our site has different categories including marketing, accounting, IT/ Software, Customer support, Sales, education, entertainment, etc. Thus you are able to post your job and expect interested candidates to get back to you in a matter of hours.
  3. Search by company; few job sites in Sri Lanka boast of having the features to help job applicants search by company name. We enable job seekers to click on your company name and learn about all your business, and vacancies available. This helps weed our time-wasters and those that hasten to reply to all online job applications without reading the requirements keenly.
  4. CV Database; how about you picking the ideal candidate out of a pool of CVs, rather than having to go through hundreds of job applications looking for the right candidate? Employers in our job site have access to hundreds of thousands of CVs, all from interested job seekers. This makes you the ultimate boss and you get to peruse over them all looking for the right candidate.
  5. No recruitment agency; rather than having to spend money with a third party in the name of a recruitment agency, we help you save on that. Our site connects you directly with potential candidates for the job so that you pick whoever you wish to. Recruitment agencies may not always be driven by the desire to hire the best for the job; most are in for it for the mere profits. As an employer using our site, you’ll have a permanent account where you can activate the vacancy button when looking for someone, and deactivate it once you have gotten the right candidate.

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