Things That Most Employers In Sri Lanka Look Out For

Things That Most Employers In Sri Lanka Look Out For

Are you a young person in Sri Lanka, recently graduated, and looking for your dream job on an online job site? Well, you are not alone; each year, thousands of new graduates join the job market in Sri Lanka, and all of them have to compete on the few employment vacancies available. This tells you that clearly, the competition is stiff, and you have to find a way of standing out among the numerous job seekers. Most employers will post job vacancies on some of the leading job websites; often, they have to sort and sift through hundreds and hundreds of applications.

Below are some basic tips that most employers in Sri Lanka will look out for;

  • Sincerity; most employers will want to hire an employee who is sincere and honest, and thus trustworthy. This starts right from your application; don’t lie about your age, education levels, and other similar facts.
  • Speak English; Most Sri Lankan employers are increasingly opting for employees who can speak and write good English. The fact that Sri Lanka is a major hub for international organizations and businesses means that they need to mingle and socialize with the outside world is greater than before. As a job seeker in Sri Lanka, always make effort to polish your spoken and written English.
  • Ability to multitask; employers are no longer looking for someone who isn’t flexible enough to multi-task. Rather, when asked in your application or during an interview which jobs you can do, always sound versatile. Say that you are a fast learner, and would be glad to try out new roles and duties.
  • Be realistic; the notion that one has to graduate from college, and land the dream job right away is farfetched. Much as you may have expectations, also remember that your employer could also be a small business that needs someone to start small, and grow together. The issue of salary and pay is best discussed one on one, and not in the cover letter of your application.
  • Internship; don’t hesitate to work as an intern, especially if the offer is from large companies. Often, companies put new graduates on an internship so as to observe them, and gauge their value and productivity to the company. Often, these companies will end up employing you permanently if you are patient.

Be confident; confidence is king when it comes to impressing your would-be employer. Don’t sit there passively waiting for the interviewer to say everything; smile when necessary, ask anything that’s unclear to you, etc. It is advisable to conduct some research about the company or organization that you wish to work for. Your potential employer will be impressed to learn that you know a thing or two about the organization.

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