Government Jobs In Sri Lanka

Government Jobs In Sri Lanka

Government jobs are some of the most sought-after jobs, not just in Sri Lanka, but in most places across the world. Back home, there are numerous advantages of working for the government compared to the private sector. The fact that most of the government jobs in Sri Lanka are advertised online means that you have got nothing to lose by trying out your luck. Often, the government ministry looking for qualified people to fill positions posts the vacancies online, and interested candidates apply for them.

Some of the major employers in the Sri Lankan Gov include;

  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of defense and environment
  • Ministry of home affairs and fisheries
  • Ministry of planning
  • Ministry of finance
  • Ministry of Tourism and sports
  • Ministry of irrigation and agriculture

The list is endless! The civil service has employed hundreds of thousands of people from across the country; some retire, resign, or die each year. Thus new vacancies are often created. By working for the government, you are assured of;

  • Great pay and remuneration; government employees are some of the top earners In Sri Lanka. Their pay is harmonized depending on their job groups, and they always get paid on time.
  • In most government jobs, one gets a house allowance, transport allowance, and other allowances that are not common in the private sector.
  • It’s also worth noting that government jobs are a great way to help balance between work and private life. There are official leaves and off days that enable you to relax and rest, while still earning. Most private companies and employers will hardly offer their employees such generous packages.
  • Job security; unlike a private company that may close down any time, or sacks all its employees without warning, government jobs come with solid job security. You don’t have to worry about being sacked or fired for no reason; and where one is retrenched, they always get compensated for that.
  • Most government jobs in Sri Lanka encourage the staff to embrace IT and even enroll in further studies while still working. In some instances, the government may even sponsor you to go study abroad, and return to the country more qualified, and in a higher position.
  • Some government jobs especially those in the hospitality industry, defense, sports; offer great opportunities for one to meet new people from across the world. Mind you, thousands of foreign tourists visit the country each year for vacations and holidays.

So how can one get a government job in Sri Lanka?

Nowadays, all of the vacancies in the government are openly advertized online and on major newspapers; this is meant to enhance transparency, and also attract the most suitable candidates for the job.

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