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  • Main Botanical Gardens in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka has several gardens that attract millions of visitors and locals each year. The beauty of Sri Lankan gardens is that each is located in a different region, under a different climate and as such, there’s always something unique in each.

    1. Peradeniya Botanical Garden; The Peradeniya Botanical Graden is the largest of all 5 and is located 5.5km to the west of Kandy. An estimated 3 million visitors visit the garden that is famous for its diverse orchids and plants. From beautiful flowers to spices, to coconut trees, medicinal plants; it’s estimated that there are over 4,000 species of plants in this garden alone!
    2. Hakgala Botanical Garden; established in 1861 by George Henry Kendrick Thwaites, the Hakgala Botanical Garden started off as plantation for a commercial crops like Cinchona and tea. It’s not until 1884 that it was converted into a full flower garden with over 10,000 species of plants. According to Sri Lankan folklores, the infamous demon King Ravana hid Sita’s Children in this garden after abducting her. Over half a million visitors visit the garden each year to see the beautiful orchids and Roses.
    3. Mirijjawila Botanical Garden; Mirijjawila Botanical Garden welcomes you with lush green grass and towering trees, not to mention the blossoming flowers that are all over. Unlike the other gardens that were established more for their aesthetic values, Mirijjawila is one of the few gardens established to help protect and preserve endangered trees that thrive in dry lands. There are also trees and plants with herbal medicine efficacy that are exclusive to this garden. It’s located in Hambantora District and covers an area or 300 acres. In order to keep the garden ever green and watered, the garden has three water tanks known as Kohombagas wewa, Demantaththa wewa and Mallitthangas wewa.
    4. Henarathgoda Botanical Garden; this is a breathtaking garden located 29 km from Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital. Visitors here will be impressed by the diversity of the flora that includes trees from different zones. Wet zone trees, dry zone trees, palm trees, roses, orchids; Henarathgoda Botanical Garden is a man made wonder that gives you an idea of how paradise should look like. The garden sits sandwiched between two famous Wildlife Parks; Ruhunu National Park to the east, and Wilpattu national Park on the other side. It’s in this garden that early British explorers first introduced rubber seedlings in Sri Lanka. During Monsoon, the garden blossoms and booms with life as the flowers reveal their real beauty.



    The beautiful Sri Lanka botanical gardens are a must visit destination during your trip here. The gardens radiate with tranquility and thrill will enhance your vacation experience. Sri Lanka is a unique destination away from the hustle and bustle of your hectic life, a destination that will give you the chance to be one with nature and/or strengthen the bond between you and your partner.


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  • Why the Temple of the Tooth Is a Must Visit

     The city of Kandy oozes peace and tranquility. Veiled in tropical natural beauty, Kandy is the home of Buddhist faith in Sri Lanka. This city is associated with royalty, and today it is a well-known world heritage site. The most significant attraction here is the Temple of the Tooth. The Temple of the Tooth is the centerpiece of Buddhist faith in Sri Lanka. This place is a nonstop buzz of activities with worshipers and tourists. There is a complex of smaller temples and shrines, but the tooth of the Buddha is housed in the main temple. This Buddha’s tooth is the most scared item of worship in Buddhist faith, and a simple of power and authority.


    This Temple should be top of your ‘to do’ list in Sri Lanka because of the following reasons:

    Ancient Culture: According to legend, the tooth relic is a tooth from the Buddha himself. It is a significant piece, together with other tooth relics, as his remains were cremated when he died in 543 BC. It is common belief that whoever possesses this tooth relic is bestowed with powers to rule over the land. This relic is now the representation of the living Buddha and is housed and protected at the temple, where pilgrims bring their offerings in honor and reverence.

    Amazing architecture: The building stands in magnificent beauty, defiant of age. The red roofs and marble stone walls can be seen from a long distance. The complex of shrines and museums feature marble artistry. The interior is superbly painted with ivory and lacquer. Carved openings on the walls are used to hold candles and oil lamps during festivals. The world Buddhism museum outside the temple is packed with everything that you need to know about Buddhism.

    An open place of worship:All are welcome inside the temple. You are even allowed to take photographs. It is a breathtaking affair; white robbed pilgrims meditating quietly with beautiful flowers to honor the tooth. The tooth relic itself is housed in 7 golden caskets. It is a worthwhile experience to try and catch a glimpse of this most ancient religious artifact.

    Dazzling festivals: The Temple of the Tooth features the most flamboyant celebration known as the EslaPeraha. If you are lucky to catch this celebration-around August, you will be treated to a colorful pageant of musicians, drummers, acrobats, fire dancers and elephant rides around Kandy. EslaPeraha is a matter of Sri Lankan Heritage and during this time even Christians and Hindus participate in the celebrations that end at the temple.

    A sacred Buddhist site:Light a candle or buy flowers outside and take part in the rituals. They say that to understand Buddhism you should try and practice Buddhism. This is a chance for you to realize the enlightenment that is so much spoken of;a chance to separate yourself from your ego. There in the company of other worshipers and tourists you will get to experience an enriching and true Sri Lankan culture.

    Sri Lanka is a Buddhist community. Your Sri Lankan tour will be incomplete without a visit to the Temple of the Tooth. It is here that you will get a broader perspective of the history and culture of this gem in the Indian Ocean.


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  • Why Sri Lanka Is the Ideal Holiday Destination

    What makes a holiday destination popular? Good beaches? Wild animals? Affordability? Good security? Well, the simple answer is that for a destination to be termed as a top holiday destination, it must meet all of the above criteria.

    Sri Lanka is one of the few countries in the world that have managed to attract a steady stream of tourists and holiday makers over the years.  Most holiday makers who visit this island nation for the first time always fall in love with it and end up becoming regular visitors. The white sandy beaches are as addictive as the local cuisines, or the friendliness of the people.

    1. There are endless activities and things to do while holidaying in Sri Lanka. So much so that you’re unlikely to explore all in a week or even a month. The beaches are one of a kind, white and sandy with clear, blue waters. There are also high mountains that are carpeted with green vegetation and forests. Crown it all with the evening Sun setting in the horizon. Not to forget the numerous species of animals that roam the forests and wetlands.
    2. Another thing worth noting about Sri Lanka is that everything is really pocket friendly. Most visitors are pleased to note that they can indulge in various activities like surfing, diving with whales, riding on elephants, without costing you an arm and a leg. Eating out in any of the local or international restaurants in Colombo is also much affordable compared to other places. Hiring a driver to take you around the city will also leave little if any dents on your pocket. Generally, Sri Lanka offers unique and memorable experiences for holiday makers at budget rates.
    3. Sri Lanka tour packages are comprehensive and irresistible. Most contain of an itinerary that ensures that you get a taste of almost everything the country has to offer. Often, the itineraries comprise of stop overs in major wildlife parks, tour attractions, cruise ship trips, surfing and diving, to mention but a few. Such may take 2 weeks or 3 weeks depending on what your budget allows. By the time your holiday is over, you’ll have sampled so much that it’s hard not to want to come again in the near future to experience the same.
    4. Sri Lanka values tourism as a vital source of income and as such, the hospitality industry is well developed. There’s little interference from the authorities as is common in some Gulf destinations. Security is thus tight both within and without; statistically speaking, you’re safer holidaying in Sri Lanka than you would in Bali, Barcelona, Alexandria, for instance. No religious fanatism, no harassment from the authorities, and rare incidents of mugging on tourists.

    Sri Lanka is a popular holiday destination for many celebrities, sports people and ordinary families looking for a quiet and serene place to bond. There’s always something for everyone regardless of their age. Some hotels have specially designed cottages to accommodate families; others have exclusive ones for couples on honeymoon.  Try beautiful Sri Lanka today.

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  • Sri Lanka Travel Guide: Tips to Make Your Trip More Memorable

    Sri Lanka is a beautiful destination packed with pleasant surprises. Natural breathtaking sceneries, vibrant culture, old architecture and world heritage sites are some of the things that will make you wish you could stay here forever. However there are a few things you ought to know before your visit. This list takes care of any unpleasant surprises that might be waiting for you, giving you a way around them.

    Stick to local Sri Lankan food. It is delicious and affordable. Should you try to look for western cuisine in Colombo and other cities, all you will find is a plate of overpriced mediocre cooking. Rice fish and coconut constitute typical Sri Lankan food. Before you dip into the numerous available tastes, however, it’s best to know that the food here is seriously spiced. Top of dishes to try include a plate of rice and curry, cheese kottu, deviled sweet and sour fish curry, and Beetroot curry among others.

    Don’t spend all of your time on the beach: Although it is true that the beaches here are pristine and stunning, the mountainous country side, forests and world heritage sites are fantastic places to visit too. Top attractions include Sigriya, Yala National Park and Kandy. Kandy is most famous for the Temple of the Tooth Relic that draws pilgrims and tourists from all corners of the world.

    Take the train: When travelling within the Island you are better off taking the train, other methods are either expensive or less comfortable.This gives you the chance to drink in the spectacular views of tea plantations, mountain ranges and forests among other attractions. Train rides are full of ‘instagrammable’ moments.

    Focus on relaxation: Sri Lanka doesn’t have much of a night life; trips are focused on relaxation, nature and adventure. However Colombo is packed with a few bars and jazz clubs where you can get a drink of your choice. Nevertheless you should know that alcoholic drinks are expensive in Sri Lanka. Seasonal parties go on at around Hikkaduwa beach but they are nothing to boast about.

    Beware of scammers: Sri Lanka is an affordable destination and you stand to enjoy the best exchange rates. It’s important to note, however,that prices have been steadily rising over the years and most services anditems now cot double of what they used to. Beware of scammers, for instance TukTuk riders may want to charge you five times the genuine price. Get around by train, and for purchases, head to the supermarkets to avoid such extortionists.

    Sri Lanka is a budget friendly destination, and the locals are a friendly bunch too. It is easy to get around and with a few the above tips you stand to get the most out of your trip. During your trip you can visit some of the historical sites, try out some of the food, and take a dip at some of the pristine beaches, but remember that there also wildlife parks to visit and mountains to hike. Most Sri Lankans speak English, so you can expect a seamless vacation experience.

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  • Holidaying In Sri Lanka for the First Time?

    Here’s Everything You Need to Know

    It has been called the lost paradise, the jewel in the ocean, and many more enticing names. But why is Sri Lanka such a favored tourist destination, what is it that makes this island nation so popular? Well, there are a thousand and one reasons why Sri Lanka is unlike any other destination. It’s a cool, peaceful country with wonderful people, beautiful and scenic beaches, breathtaking mountains and wildlife, to mention but a few. If you are visiting the country for the first time or are planning to, there are a few things you need to familiarize yourself with;

    Capital City

    The capital city of Sri Lanka is Colombo. The city is as modern as can be, with many international hotel chains and businesses operating. Here, visitors have hundreds of eateries dotting the city, shopping malls and movie halls, and many other recreational facilities. It is not uncommon to come across foreigners walking the streets of Colombo freely. The security is 100% top notch and tourists are always embraced warmly by one and all.


    The main currency used in Sri Lanka is known as the Sri Lankan Rupee. Although a few businesses do accept Dollars and Pounds, visitors are always advised to convert their currencies when they arrive for ease of transacting. There are many Forex bureaus where foreign currencies are exchanged some hotels you’ll be living in will also help you convert your cash into local currencies.

    Local language

    The most widely spoken language in Sri Lanka is known as Sinhala, followed by Tamil.  English is the third mostly spoken language especially in Hotels, and the larger hospitality industry. Even in the streets, most Sri Lankans will easily switch to English once they realize that you are a foreigner. Here’s no harm in learning a word or two of the local languages spoken here!

    Best time to visit Sri Lanka

    Really, the best time to visit Sri Lanka is anytime! There’s always something fun and thrilling to do all year round. But if you’re looking for maximum fun, then the best times to come over would be around July to August, and November to March. The weather is friendlier during this time and one would never get inconvenienced by the heavy rains that pound this fertile, scenic country.

    Local culture 

    The local culture of most Sri Lankans is one that is welcoming to visitors from all walks of life. Forget about some Muslim nations that dictate on how women should wear in the streets or in the beach. In Sri Lanka, you can soak in the sun in the beach in a Bikini without the slightest worry. Even on the streets, young ladies dressed in western style outfits are a common feature. As a visitor, you just need to display a modicum of respect to the locals and their way of life; they’ll respect yours too!


    It’s beautiful, it’s scenic, it offers plenty of activities to indulge in; Sri Lanka is one of those places you visit and can’t resist coming back again and again!

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